Instruction for session chairs and speakers

Instruction for session chairs and speakers

Instructions for Session Chairs and Speakers

The 2015 Annual General Conference is being held in conjunction with three specialty conferences (4th International Conference on Engineering Materials and Mechanics, 4th International Conference on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, and the 1st Conference on Innovation in Engineering Practice). To showcase the dynamic nature of our profession, we did not provide separate sessions for any of the specialty conferences. Our conference theme this year is 'Building on Our Growth Opportunities.' 

NOTE on the non-juried Innovation in Engineering Practice Specialty Conference:

  • The Regina conference organizing committee is proud to present you with the NEW Innovation in Engineering Practice (INV) stream. These presentations allow our engineering practitioners and field experts to present case studies and to highlight the successes and engineering achievements of project implementation and technology development. In these presentations, we are going to hear exciting stories on how theoretical work is being applied on site to solve practical engineering issues and overcome various technical challenges. All the innovation conference presentations have an ID larger than 500.

The Session Chair will let the audience know in advance if a presentation is from our INV stream (with ID > 500) and will read the above paragraph to introduce the combined technical session (when an innovation paper is being presented).

The conference organizing committee encourage all the session chairs and speakers to meet informally at the breakfast on the day of their presentations. We will set up cards on stands with the session number. The chairs and presenters can get to know each other and gather bios.


  • Please meet the speakers for your session in the session room 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.
  • If not collected at breakfast, ask the speakers for their short bio. Work with the session volunteer, AV technician and speakers to transfer their presentation files to the computer. If any speaker requires AV equipment other than the PC computer and the projector provided, please inform the audiovisual technician or the student volunteers on site.
  • Start your session on time. Introduce yourself, outline the theme(s) of your session and let the audience know that you will be conducting the session in accordance with the instructions below.
  • Ask the audience to switch off their cell phones or other communication devices.
  •  Introduce each paper with the name of the speaker, and his/her bio, and the title of the paper. If possible, please make a brief comment to smooth the transition from one presentation to the next. Please let the audience know in advance if the presentation is from our INV stream (with ID > 500).
  • The total time allowed for each presentation is 20 minutes (14 minutes for the paper, 5 minutes for discussion, and 1 minute for transition and introduction). Please signal speakers at 13 minutes and allow them a minuteto finish their presentation.
  • If a speaker is about to go beyond the allotted time, use your judgment as to how to persuade him/her to stop, but be firm.
  • If a paper and discussion ends early, or there is a no-show, WAIT until the scheduled time for the next paper before resuming the session. Conference delegates are counting on the timeslots to be accurate as they move between sessions.


  • Meet your Chairs on the day of you presentation at breakfast. We will set up cards on stands with the session number. Provide a hard copy of your short bio (
  • Please enter the room 15 minutes prior to the start of your assigned session. To minimize compatibility issues and technical difficulties, we recommend you to transfer your presentation file to our computer station.
  • The TOTALtime allowed for each presentation is 19 minutes (maximum 14 minutes for the paper and 5 minutes for Q&A). This time limit must be STRICTLY respected.
  •  Each conference room is provided with a projector and a PC computer. Presenters requiring other equipment (i.e. connecting cables) must inform the session chair.


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